About Us


Welcome to Gharbikrikendra

http://www.gharbikrikendra.com/ is the best online platform at Nepal for those who wanted to sell, buy and rent their properties. We connect buyers and sellers. We always make sure that the property which we are marketing here has clear titles, good quality construction and right location for respective purposes. This is the best platform for our clients and partners in their journey of discovering, renting, buying, selling the properties.

We advertise your property in our website. We have normal listing plans and featured listing plans. If you want to post your property as featured, which is shown in the homepage, we charge applicable fees. Always feel free to contact us. At gharbikrikendra.com we help you to find joy.

Our Vision

Delivering trustworthy experiences to the clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to be one of the best real estate selling, buying  & renting site in Nepal. Our mission is to help the seller/buyer/renter/investor, to guide him/her to the right property of his own choice, within his affordable budget - comparatively reasonably priced in the given market.

To be the best, we will serve our customers and clients by delivering on our commitments made before, during and after every transaction.